Java Spatial Model

Strong demographic and socio-economic changes over the next 25 years will stretch available resources of land, water and environment on the island of Java to the limit, and will pose strong challenges for urban growth management and mobility. Projection of settlement, establishing the demand for water, – sanitation, – environmental space, impacts of flood risks and – mobility, will be essential for a pro-active planning to meet challenges.

To study the spatial development in Java (Indonesia), a spatial planning model has been developed for the whole island of Java .

The model predicts land use changes and future population distribution. This enables explicit links with the water demand analysis, emissions and flood control aspects forming part of the river basin analysis.

The model has been re-activated and provided with a convenient user interface and a database. The model allows making “what if” analyses for the future spatial configuration of the region. The results of the model are presented on thematic maps.

The Spatial planning model is an interesting example of how one can use the MapControl to present data on maps in desktop applications.

More information can be found here.