European Transport Policy Makers have an on-going requirement for good quality input data to support models, evaluation methodologies and indicator frameworks. Without information integration, DG-MOVE lacks a consistent data source covering:

  • Passengers and freight;
  • All modes of transport;
  • Demand and supply.

Data users frequently encounter problems of data interpretation arising from the heterogeneous methodologies associated with the available data sources. This is a fundamental and widespread problem, requiring effort and innovation in terms of knowledge management as well as data collection, storage and retrieval.

This has led to the concept of a common transport policy database to be used by policy makers and by analysts and modellers, as first implemented through the framework project ETIS in 2005.

ETISPLUS is a European Transport policy Information System, combining data, analytical modelling with maps (GIS), a single online interface for accessing the data. It aims therefore to provide a bridge between official statistics and applications within the transport policy theme.

Information on ETISPLUS can be found on the TRIMIS website.

The project itself has been finished, but all data still can be downloaded from our server.

The ETIS-Netter web application is still running as well (allowing Flash is required).