Demis MapControl.NET is a .NET user control, which provides functionality for software developers to place interactive maps in WinForms desktop applications.

The Demis MapEngine powers MapControl.NET, which is rich in features and optimized for best performance. At an affordable price it is a cost-effective solution for your mapping needs. Demis MapControl.NET can be distributed freely with your application.

This custom component for digital mapping will allow you to create the products and services with mapping functionality that will meet your and your customers’ needs.


Demis MapControl.NET allows you to quickly create basic mapping applications with typical features like zooming in and out, changing layer styles etc.

A map can consist of several layers and Demis MapControl.NET enables you to visualize layers like:

  • Vector layers
  • Grid layers
  • Geo-referenced bitmap (raster) layers

The map, grid and raster layers are interactive and can be addressed in a standard way. By customizing the user interface you can give your maps the functionality you need within your applications, using any of the .NET supported programming languages, like C# and VB.NET

MapControl.NET also enables developers to easily create animations for different time steps. The Active Map is fast enough to achieve this. In fact, Demis MapControl.NET draws maps on the screen up to four times faster then mainstream GIS packages, such as ArcView, Arc/Info, MapInfo.

A special feature is the ability to work with time series data in your applications and to visualize data animations on thematic maps. For example, one can present the amount of rain that has come down in different areas throughout a century. By setting up a data set with the amounts of rain through time for different areas and then linking this data to the map, you can create an animated thematic map where different colors represent different numerical ranges of rainfall.

Demis MapControl.NET supports different file formats for the different kind of layers.

System requirements

Demis MapControl.NET be used on any version of Windows that supports the Microsoft.NET platform (version 1.1, 2.* or 3.*) and is fully compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio editions (2003, 2005 or 2008)


You can download the installation here.

Together with the public domain worldmap.