Much of our work involves customized software products to meet the needs of our clients. Throughout many years of project based software development, several generic software components have evolved.

Based on a common library of mapping software we have developed several products that we decided to market as standalone products, which users can buy through our website.

Web Map Server

For Internet based GIS and mapping applications, we have developed the Demis Web Map Server (Demis WMS).

Map Control.NET

For desktop applications using the MicroSoft .NET framework, our MapControl.NET provides a simple component for integrating Mapping functionality in your applications. MapControl.NET 1.0 only requires a single developer license for unlimited application runtime distribution.


A standalone application developed using the Active Map control. Mapper is included with other products like the Web Map Server and Active Map as a generic tool for compiling map compositions.

Additionally, Mapper can be used as a dedicated tool for map based time series analysis.

Mapper will soon be replaced by Mapper.NET, which has been developed using our new MapControl.NET, the VB.NET and C# code are provioded with Demis Map Control.NET as sample applications.


A specialistic tool for editing "networks" (one- dimensional model schematizations) is a joint development by Demis and Delft Hydraulics. Netter has been used in a wide range of projects related to water resources management, traffic control and logistics.



A live example of the Web Map Server using Flash


Using Mapper for time series analysis

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